Best Camera Stabilizer for the Beginner Content Producer

Best Camera Stabilizer for the Beginner Content Producer

Photography and videography are very underrated crafts. A lot of people just get to see the end result, without knowing the training and equipment that goes into producing the perfect, final shot. Taking the perfect shot often depends on the camera man’s experience and gear. Let’s continue by taking a look at some picks for the best camera stabilizer.

A camera stabilizer is an attachment that compensates for unwanted movement, which will translate into shaky video feed, affecting the quality of the end-result in a negative way. They’re an inexpensive way of adding that extra production quality that can turn something mediocre into a work of art.

ROXANT PRO Video Camera Stabilizer

What does one look for in a good Steadicam or stabilizer? Well, it’s crucial that the attachment is lightweight, easy to balance and easy to maneuver. The ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer isn’t a premium item, but it gets the job done and will be a great addition to the right person’s collection.

While it’s a good entry-level stabilizer, it shouldn’t be used with any camera that’s heavier than 2.1 lbs. If the user will keep in line with this requirement, then calibrating and stabilization will be a breeze. If not, then frustration will build up because of the stabilizer inability to support the extra weight.

As far as build quality, it’s there. Three separate counterweights have been used in designing the system, making it reliable and stable. The grip is texturized so that the user would have no trouble in keeping a tight fit. It’s lightweight and suitable for getting clear, stable footage during events or for recording extreme activities.

While it’s a good stabilizer overall, it does have some faults. The first one is the inability to work in more extreme angles. The mounting system can tilt and pan, but only to a certain point. It’s really not recommended to use this device for anything that’s more than casual.

Overall, it’s a solid choice for the beginner cinematographer or for any lightweight camera owner out there. As a last point, it would be nice for future models to include a smartphone mounting system.


  • Excellent quality
  • Good design
  • Great choice for beginners and casual users
  • Somewhat lightweight
  • Comes with YouTube tutorials on how to calibrate the device


  • Can’t mount a smartphone on
  • Isn’t compatible with cameras that exceed 2.1 lbs

Fantaseal 4-in-1 Camera Stabilizer and Mount

As far as camera stabilizer mounts go, things don’t get more versatile than this. Compatible with both cameras and smartphones of different varieties, the Fantaseal camera stabilizing mount is a great bang-for-buck choice for those budget-restricted, adrenaline-seeking enthusiasts.

In-line with most trends, the Fantaseal compensates for movement and provides a great combination of weight-compensation and mounting technology. As previously stated, it can fit DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, smartphones, GoPros and other action cameras; you name it!

Although it’s versatile, it made the best camera stabilizer list for a strict use: extreme sports. Being very lightweight, with a very good and comfortable grip point, it’s ideal to use in biking, skateboarding and more. It’s got a great angle from getting ground-level shots, giving the camera some elevation, pan, and tilt, which can seriously improve production in those tight spots.

The build quality is admittedly not the best. The foamy-grip is glued onto the steel, which is a pretty cheap solution. The glue can slowly dry, and the foamy material will definitely start to peel from constant use. That being said, it’s quite inexpensive, especially when compared to the previous entry, which was three times the price of the Fantaseal 4-in-1 Camera Stabilizer.

That being said, the mount is solid, and the smartphone clamp is surprisingly sturdy and reliable. Overall, it’s a great choice for a quick bump in production, which will be greatly appreciated for those fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing YouTube videos that are to everyone’s liking.


  • Great value
  • Very versatile when it comes to cameras
  • Supports multiple cameras at once
  • Lightweight, easy to set up and use
  • Comfortable to use


  • Build quality is not the best
  • Not suitable for anything that requires adjusting the frame’s height

Cam Caddie Scorpion Jr Stabilizing Camera Handle

Last entry on this best camera stabilizer roundup, the Cam Caddie Scorpion Jr impresses with a versatile design and superior build quality, flashiness included. The key feature that comes with the Cam Caddie is versatility. With various kits and adapters, the Scorpion can fit almost any type of camera out there.

With different mounting points, it can fit a light or flash, different cameras, a monitor, giving the user the ability to have a complete and comfortable setup. One of its real drawbacks is the fact that it’s very lightweight.

As far as compensators go, weight is the determining factor that separates bad from good. Made using a polymer, the plasticky feeling and low weight of the device can make it seem cheap and unreliable. While that’s true, it also does provide adequate stability for small devices and is highly customizable.

The weight isn’t a big problem for people who want to get a decked-out camera. If one fits plenty attachments on the handle, then the Cam Caddie Scorpion Junior becomes an asset due to its lightweight-ness.

Overall, it’s a great product for light cameras and can be bought with a big selection of add-ons, including a shoulder mount, a smartphone clamp, and a flash mount. It also comes in a variety of different colors, giving the buyer some much-appreciated customization that’s lacking in other products.


  • Very Versatile
  • Very good value
  • Comes in different colors
  • Very easy to handle and setup


  • Lightweight
  • Made using somewhat cheap materials


It’s hard to choose a product without knowing the ins and outs. It’s even harder to choose between three products that are so similar. Out of the three, the one that’s most likely the best is the Fantaseal 4-in-1 Camera Stabilizer.

It’s not the best quality, but it’s an excellent deal and a more reliable stabilizer than the other two. It’s lightweight, versatile and easy to use, a perfect combination for the entry-level content producer.

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