The Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone: Will It Give You Quality Audio?

The Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone

Let us face it. Audio is often being overlooked. However, we have to keep in mind that good visuals must go hand in hand with quality sounds to produce exceptional films which we all wanted. Unfortunately, we often realize just how significant audio is after we are done capturing scenes or the moment has passed us by, and it is already too late.

One way to make sure that this unfortunate event never happens is by choosing the best-quality microphone for your camera, such as the Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone. Did you know that shotgun microphones are the most popular types being used for DSLR cameras?

In this post, we will discuss the product’s features, highlights, and some minor drawbacks as well as a brief background of its manufacturer. We will also compare it to some other famous products of the same genre so you can have a better idea of how this product fare with others on the market.

Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone

Comica Technology was founded in December of the year 2012, and this company focuses on manufacturing different kinds of high-technology and creative audio equipment and gadgets with the likes of on-camera video mic, wireless video mic, and mic accessories.

There are so many brands of shotgun camera microphones that you can choose from, but on this post, we will focus on one of the best on the market today; the CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone. Sounds interesting? Go ahead and read on.


The Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone is especially used for shooting interviews and videos using your camcorder or DSLR and enhances the quality of your recordings. It has a shock-resistant and shock-absorbing design which give you quality audio recording and reduce the noise from vibrations. It is versatile as it works and supports all cameras with 3.5mm audio output and input jack.

Moreover, it comes with a feature called Cardioid Polar Pattern that can reject off-axis sounds and can reduce environmental sounds while recording. It also has a low-frequency attenuation of 100Hz, a +10dB sensitivity adjustment, and a low-cut filter functionality which are all designed to give you clean and excellent audio recording. Its wind-muff and windscreen features eliminate unwanted noise when you are filming outdoors.


  • Low-self noise and low-cut filter functionality
  • Super anti-interference feature
  • Packed with wind-muff and windscreen
  • Works with two AAA batteries which can give you 200 hours of recording.

Minor Drawbacks

  • Static noises if the mic is not set up properly
  • Echos can sometimes be heard on the recordings


The Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone has a shock-resistant and shock-absorbing structural design which make it durable and stable. It also reduces the noise from vibrations and is versatile enough to support and work well with all cameras with 3.5mm audio output or input jack. It has a low-cut filter with a sensitivity adjustment of +10dB and super-cardioid polar pattern. Additionally, it has an indication lamp status feature; green light is good, while the red light means low power working status.

Comparison to Other Products

Apart from the Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone, there are other brands of shotgun microphones, which are the most popular types being used for DSLR cameras, out on the market today. They are as competitive and attractive as the Comica product.

  • TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone
    Like the Comica product, this microphone can also be used for interviews and other video shoots, and it is designed to enhance the quality of your audio while filming. It comes with heart-shaped single point pickup features to reduce noise which can be picked up from the surrounding environment. It also has a 10dB sensitivity and a low-frequency attenuation of 200Hz. It needs one AA battery to work for 100 hours of recording.
  • Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight
    This microphone has no complicated settings or switches and is powered by the camera’s external input, so it does not need the use of batteries to operate. It has a lightweight and compact design which deliver crisp and clear audio and is very easy to use. It has tight pickup areas which focus in front of the microphone and work to reduce surrounding sounds to be picked up.
  • Movo VXR4000R Directional Shotgun Condenser Video Microphone
    This microphone is designed to capture precise and clear audio while working to reduce background noise with features like super-cardioid polar pattern just like the Comica brand and a selectable low-cut filter at 80Hz. It is perfect for studio work, broadcast, and other film works while providing accurate and clear voice reproduction.

The Verdict

After reviewing the features, highlights, and the minor drawbacks of the Comica CVM-V30 Shotgun Camera Microphone, and comparing it to other popular brands of the same genre, can we now say that it is the perfect shotgun microphone which will give you quality audio? Will it help you create some of the best films of your life?

Well, we can say that it is a great choice for a microphone since it is feature-rich which is also why it is a little bit more expensive than the other brands mentioned above. It is durable and is versatile that it supports all cameras with 3.5mm input or output jack. It comes with advanced features which are designed to filter and reduce background noise that can be picked up from the surroundings.

Meanwhile, the TAKSTAR SGC-598 Microphone has a low-frequency attenuation of 200Hz, but its battery life is only good for 100 hours of recording. The Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight, on the other hand, is cheaper and it does not require batteries to operate, but it needs to be powered by your camera’s external input. And lastly, the Movo VXR4000R Directional Shotgun also has the super-cardioid polar pattern, but its low-cut filter is 80Hz.

Overall, we can say that they all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, before making a decision, please do consider where and how often you are going to use the microphone so you can look for features that will exactly match your needs.

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