Camera Tripods: Top 3 Options

Camera Tripods: Top 3 Options

Photographers are always on the look for the best and top of the range equipment to improve their photographing experience. Camera and lenses are crucial for catching the best shots, but a sturdy, reliable and functional tripod is as important. Having the best camera tripod for you will ensure you get clear and crisp photos.

The market for camera tripods offers numerous options, each with unique features and accessories that will make your life as a photographer much easier. They are divided according to the range, affordability, ease of carrying and stability, but each comes with its own benefits.

Here are three top tripods we have selected to present you, each being the top in its range.

AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

With the AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod, you can capture professional-style photographs, thanks to its reliable stability and wide options of angles. It can be used by photographers who are new into this field, as well as professionals.

The tripod can accommodate many types of still, digital and video cameras and comes with some awesome features.


  • Adjustable-height
  • Weighs just over a pound
  • It comes with a zippered storage bag included
  • It can extend from 25-inches to 50-inches but also collapse down to 16.5-inches.
  • It is made of lightweight aluminum
  • Short, compact size


  • It has a 3-way head which allows for tilt and swivel motion, but also portrait or landscape options
  • It has 3-section, lever-lock legs that offer easy height adjustments
  • The quick-release plate ensures fast transitions between shots
  • It offers the full panoramic with its 360-degree swivel function


  • The swivel head is pretty rough. If you try to tilt or pan the head while you are recording a video will come out pretty Therefore it is not a great option for videography
  • Does not hold up well in windy conditions
  • Not easily to link to camera
  • Legs do not extend and retract smoothly
  • Not made for heavy duty use

Albott 70″ Travel Portable DSLR Camera Tripod Monopod Flexible Head for Canon Nikon with Carrying Bag

The Albott 70″ Travel Portable DSLR Camera Tripod is perfect for both indoor and outdoor photography for all of the features combined. The device comes in handy when you take it out camping, hiking, or traveling.


  • It has3.63 lbs net weight; 8.8 lbs load capacity
  • It features a 4-section 21″ to 70″ height range
  • Adjustable center column that converts to a 5-section monopod 18″ to 65″ height range
  • It has built-in bubble view levels
  • Provides a 360-degree rotation panoramas
  • It has a quick-release plate with 1/4”-20 Screw Mount which is compatible with digital cameras, GoPro devices, lenses, most camcorders, binoculars, telescopes
  • It is fitted with a carry handle, foam grips on the base, as well as a center column hook to hang other accessories or to add more weight
  • Carrying bag included


  • It gets very tall (70″)
  • You can pull out the middle portion and use it as a monopod
  • It feels very sturdy but not heavy
  • It pivots easily in different angles
  • Thick base legs
  • Good build quality
  • Sturdy construction


  • Plastic head that can break easily
  • Panning stutters at start as head does not get smoother with use

BC Master Camera Tripod, 75-inch For DSLR Camera Sturdy Lightweight Aluminum Alloy TA333 with Carrying Bag, Ball Head, Quick Release Plate for Canon Nikon Youtube, Weight: 3.17lbs/1.44Kg

The BC Master Camera Tripod can be successfully used by both professional cameramen and amateur photography enthusiasts. This is a lightweight tripod which comes with a quick release plate, bubble level, ball head and carrying bag.


  • It is verysturdy as it is made of aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight but strong
  • The column hook allows you to hang additional weight to increase stability
  • The tripod’s legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees, therefore saving space size of 15″
  • It is compact, easy to carry and pack for travel
  • It allows multi-angle shooting as you can invert the central axis
  • For rugged floor, you can set the three legs different angle
  • It has a precise and stable ball head and accurate spirit level reading
  • It adjusts from 10-inches up to 75-inches


  • The legs can be folded back 180-degrees and inverted down to around 15″
  • The leg heights can be adjusted to take photographs at various angles thanks to the ball head
  • The tripod is extremely strong and sturdy
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • It does not have a head knob, used for smooth panning shots

Which is the best tripod?

From these three options, the BC Master Camera Tripod is the best device that you should definitely buy. You will capture amazing photos with your DSLR or other cameras.

It is rigid, sturdy and it offers maximum strength thanks to the light carbon material from which it is made. If you want more stability, you can hang more weight from its column hook.

You also have a Twist knob which locks tightly increasing the balance. The tripod is very easy to carry, as it is smaller than an umbrella when it is folded. It fits perfectly into its bag.

You can also use the BC Master Camera Tripod as a monopod if you need to take shots with implying some level of movement. You simply unscrew two of the legs.

Mounting the camera onto the tripod is very easy, as well as removing it. You just push a button, and that’s it. The package includes the tripod, a pouch, a carrying bag and a 2-year warranty.

These three tripods are the top in their range. Which one you choose to buy depends on your needs and type of camera you have, as well as the type of shots you want to take.

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