Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag Review

Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag Review

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a photography enthusiast, you’re always on the lookout for a convenient way to take your camera and all the essential accessories on the road with you. Finding the right bag to carry your equipment can make a world of difference.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality optical equipment, Nikon also manufactures cases and bags to allow for improved portability of their products. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag, one of their most popular models. We’ll review its main features, highlight all the pros and cons of the bag, and ultimately help you to decide if this model is right for you.


At first glimpse, the Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag looks very polished and professional. It comes with a padded shoulder strap for extra comfort, as well as a very well-stitched and strong slip-resistant handle on top of the case.

All the compartments and pockets have either a zip or a Velcro closure. In addition to this, there are two sturdy plastic closures on the front to provide maximum protection for your equipment and prevent the bag from accidentally opening up.

Storage Space

Without a doubt, the main concern with a camera bag is the amount of space it provides. The Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag does very well in that respect, as the central storage space is 12 inches wide, six inches deep, and six inches tall. That’s quite enough to fit your camera with an attached lens, some cleaning equipment, as well as perhaps an additional lens or two.

The great thing about this bag is that it comes with removable Velcro separators that allow you to adjust the size of each compartment based on your specific needs. Hidden underneath a flap on the bottom of the case is another “secret” compartment that’s perfect for some smaller pieces of equipment you need easy access to while you’re working.

Pockets and Pouches

When you’re on the go, you’ll often need a charger, connector cables, battery grips, or extra memory cards. The creators of this bag had that in mind when they designed it, so it comes with five additional pockets and pouches that can fit all the extra equipment you might want to use.

Once you remove the cover, you’ll find a double-zipped pocket on the front that’s as wide as the main storage area. The inner side of the top cover has another small zip-lock pocket that’s ideal for carrying paper and pens in case you have to take notes while filming. There are also two side pockets with Velcro closure that provide enough room for even more equipment.

Finally, in case you need just a little more space, there’s a small, if a little overly tight Velcro-closed pocket on the back of the bag. Keep in mind that this back pocket will lean directly onto your body when you’re carrying the bag over your shoulder, so don’t put any cables or other accessories that may cause a feeling of discomfort there.

Protection and Durability

The Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag is made from very durable nylon and is sturdy enough to sustain frequent use over a long period of time. It’s also very comfortable to carry around, and the handle is stitched so strongly that you won’t ever need to worry whether it can support the weight of the bag.

One thing that really stands out here is the amount of padding on the bag. It’s primarily intended to prevent physical damage to your equipment, but if you have to work outside in bad weather, it also ensures that water and humidity don’t come in contact with the gear. Even the Velcro closures on the side pockets are designed as lids that also encase the sides of the pocket, thus providing an extra layer of protection.


  • Made from durable, high-quality materials
  • The padding and the cover provide extra protection to your equipment
  • Padded shoulder strap makes the bag more comfortable to carry around
  • A lot of room for your camera and some additional gear in the main storage compartment
  • Removable separators allow you to customize the compartments according to your needs
  • Five pockets and pouches give you room for all accessories you might need while working
  • The Velcro-closure lids on the side pockets ensure that the accessories are also protected


  • The amount of space might not be enough for larger pieces of equipment
  • The back pocket is too tight and isn’t particularly practical
  • All the compartments are quite large, so memory cards can get lost easily


If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient bag to carry your photo equipment in, the Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag is a great choice. There’s enough room in the main compartment to fit your camera with the lens already attached to it, as well as all the accessories you’re going to need while working.

Made from sturdy materials, this model has a lot of extra padding to ensure that your equipment is protected at all times, whether you’re working in bad weather, or are walking through crowds of people. The extra pocket inside the bag is perfect for storing your documents.


There are two things that make the Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag stand out from among similar models. Firstly, the level of protection it provides is unparalleled when compared to similarly priced camera bags from other manufacturers. Secondly, the fact that the size of the storage space compartments is fully adjustable is a great feat, making this model perfect, regardless of the size of the camera you’re working with.

Your decision will ultimately depend on your storage space requirements. There’s a lot of it here, so the bag is also quite large as a result. If you don’t need this much space, you’re better off going for a smaller one. Likewise, if you operate larger equipment and need more space than this bag provides, you should look at larger models.

Storage space concerns aside; the Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag is a great choice. It’s a sturdy, well-made bag that does its best to provide maximum protection for your equipment. What’s more, it’s very comfortable and fits everything you need for a long day’s work.

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