Best Camera Strap: Safeguard Your Cameras

Best Camera Strap

A camera strap might not be an essential part of your camera when it comes to taking great pictures but this accessory actually has a role to play. Having the best camera strap can make your photography sessions a breeze. At the same time, you are assured that your camera is safe when you go hands-free. Some professional photographers even use the straps to stabilize the camera when they do not have a tripod with them.

So for your convenience and your camera’s safety, it is advisable that you get a camera strap. Hence, if you start looking for the best camera strap, you might find this article very helpful.

Read on to find out which of the three best camera straps will suit your needs.

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

This product has been constructed with a neoprene pad that will help distribute the weight of the camera and the strap evenly. Hence, there is a low possibility of having strains in the neck and back. Also, its cross-body design is perfect for compact system cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras.

It includes a pocket that is zippered for the storage of memory cards and batteries. It also has a plate that is made of solid metal to fasten your camera to the strap securely. Likewise, the bottom layer that is made of rubber can prevent any type of slipping or scratching.

For added security, a camera tether has also been incorporated. What is better is that you do not have to remove the strap prior to attaching it to a tripod as the plate has a quick-release feature. Lastly, the best thing is that this product is universally compatible with any tripod that has ¼” stud screws.


  • It is made of a durable and quality material which assures that it can hold the entire weight of your camera.
  • The plate is not made of plastic, so it will not snap off. It will also stay out of your way since it will hang on either side of your hip.
  • Attaching or detaching your camera from the strap has never been easier. It has snaps that will immediately release your camera—perfect for “at-the-moment shots,” or for times when you want someone else to take your picture.
  • The design of the strap itself is elegant and beautiful.


  • The screw plate that it has can be a bit bulky, especially when you are already using a big DSLR. It also tends to loosen.
  • There is some kind of strain on the strap and plate when you are working with a heavy camera.
  • The tendency for it to slip is huge; thus you use the tether for added protection.
  • It has a cross-body design, but the straps need a bit of adjustment in terms of stabilizing the camera since it still can move around in front of you.

Besttrendy Universal Camera Neck Shoulder Strap

The highlights of this camera strap are its vintage floral design and cloth that is made of soft fiber. It is composed of webbings that are made of pure cotton and also has a cowhide top. An anti-freezing oil layer on the strap has also been added to safeguard the product against creases.

Additionally, it has fasteners that are made of plastic. This plastic material is special since it has been exposed to the processes of American Duraflex and Japanese Nifco. At the same time, the adhesives that were used are environmentally safe and will not damage your camera in any way.

This strap can be used for a lot of camera brands as it has universal attachments, but it is easier to pair it with cameras that have circular-hole-equipped interfaces.


  • It is comfortable to wear. It will not rub too hard on your neck, so say goodbye to leather burns.
  • The way you wear the product can be customized, such as cross-body, since the length of the strap is long enough.
  • The best feature of this strap is that it has a classic and timeless design. You will look absolutely cool while wearing this strap.


  • The strap will eventually break after continued use. The threads were not stitched tight enough that they come undone.
  • It is not that durable and it cannot support heavy cameras. Hence, there is a high risk that your camera will fall to the ground and break.
  • It does not eliminate the strain on your shoulders and back when carrying a heavy camera.

Yier Chevron Scarf Camera Strap

The fashion-forward style of this strap stands out since it was constructed in a way that there is a fusion between a scarf and a strap. At the same time, it still has the appropriate feature to support your neck. Likewise, its cloth design also relieves the pain of your neck and shoulders.

In addition, it also has a bag strap that is luminous. Meaning the white strip that it has can reflect light. Further, it has attachments that are compatible with most cameras, even DSLRs.

Maintenance-wise, you can just wash it as similar to any clothes.


  • It has a very comfortable wear.
  • The scarf style of the strap also helps with its length.
  • It completely supports your neck and shoulders.
  • The cloth will not make your camera move too much. Thus, it will not go around swaying in front of you.
  • The strap itself is durable and will not strain against the weight of DSLRs.
  • It has a lot of colors and patterns for you to choose from—if having a stylish strap is your main concern.


  • The fabric is quite hard as it is intended to be used as a scarf. For people who have a beef with that, a quick solution is to wash it and apply fabric softener before using it.
  • Since what you have around your neck is the scarf part of the strap, when you sweat, the scarf will absorb it.
  • You have to clean it more often compared to other camera straps.

Best Camera Strap: The Winner

As per our review, we can say that the Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap is highly suggested if you want a balance of functionality, comfort, and looks. It has professional features that can properly support the weight of your camera and at the same time protect your neck.

Anyone can use it, may you be a professional photographer or just like photography in general, because the strap can pair with a lot of camera types.

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