How to Check Nikon Lens Serial Numbers

How to Check Nikon Lens Serial Numbers
Just like any product with a serial number, the one found on your Nikon lens is a way to identify the model. Unlike cars and other larger items, the serial number on a Nikon DSLR lens can repeat on the same models. A lens serial number gives you and potential repairers a chance to look up more information about the lens you own. Sometimes the serial numbers are even used repeatedly and on different models and the length of the numbers differs depending on when the lenses were produced. This can be very confusing for most people and understandably so. Typically, a serial number will have 6 digits, but when production of the lens goes beyond 999,999 the length of the number will vary. The most important part of the Nikon lens serial number is the first digit. This gives an indication of where it was made. Here is a rundown of what the first digit means: 1 – Unused by Nikon unless for prototypes 2 – Made in Japan 3 – Made in the USA 4 – Made in Europe but not the UK 5 – Made in Canada 6 – Made in New Zealand or Australia 7 – Made in Asia but not Japan 8 – Make in the United Kingdom 9 – Unused by Nikon The first number on the Nikon lens serial number typically indicates where it was made and the following number is the product number. This is why lenses that have reached production over 999,999 have a different serial number length. Today this format isn’t very strictly followed anymore because more and more lenses are produced by Nikon. This is just a guide of what you can expect from looking at the serial number on your Nikon lens.

Where To Find an How to Check Nikon Lens Serial Numbers

Now that you have some understanding about serial numbers you might be curious about how to check Nikon lens serial numbers on your own Nikon lens. Serial numbers can be found in different places on your lens. They do not have a standard location, but they are fairly easy to find. Just have a look at your Nikon lens and scan the surface. The serial number can be easily found because it is usually printed in white to help it stand out from the black lens. Some might be found on the body of the lens while others are on the glass. Have a look around and you will eventually find the serial number. If you are having trouble with finding the serial number on your lens due to the numbers being scratched out from wear and tear, check the original box it came in. The box will usually include the lens’s serial number.

What To Do With A Nikon Lens Serial Number

Most people only pay attention to the lens’s serial number when they bring it in for repairs or when the lens is stolen. Although those are the important times to really have a look at your Nikon lens serial number, there are ways to check Nikon lens serial numbers online. You can find websites that can give you helpful information about your Nikon lens. Information like production date, status of production, whether or not the model has been discontinued and other interesting facts about the Nikon lens you own are available if you know where to look. Another major benefit of finding the serial number on your Nikon lens is to check to see if you have bought an original product or a fake. With so many fake products on the market, you cannot be too sure if you have purchased an original Nikon lens or a fake one. With a serial number, you can double-check with Nikon to see if the lens you have is an original.


Check your Nikon lens for the serial number and try searching for it online. There isn’t a large database available, but you can find a lot of information. If you are suspicious about the new Nikon lens you bought because the serial number doesn’t look right, contact the seller or check with Nikon to confirm. A serial number might just look like a bunch of numbers, but those numbers mean something, so it’s worth knowing how to check Nikon lens serial numbers.

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