Nikon Lenses Vs. Canon Lenses

Nikon Lenses Vs. Canon Lenses
When it comes to determining the answer to the Nikon lenses vs. Canon lenses debate, the winner will depend on who you ask. Most photographers, whether novices or professionals will have a preferred brand and they will stay loyal to that brand. It is uncommon to find a photographer bring camera equipment with different brands in it. When they have chosen a brand they are most likely going to stick with it until the very end. For those who are about to take up photography as a hobby this can be confusing at times. Nikon and Canon have been competing for the top spot in many photographers’ hearts for a long time. Both brands have their pros and cons and discussing them here will help you choose which brand to go for when choosing your first camera and the lenses that go with it.

DSLR Pioneers: Nikon Lenses Vs. Canon Lenses

Nikon has always been at the forefront of photography both back in the day when film photography was the norm and today now that digital SLRs have taken over. It was Nikon who first introduced DSLR to the world of photography. For this reason alone there are many who stay loyal to Nikon cameras and lenses to this day. The pioneers are always worth considering because they have been tested by time and are still going strong today. However, when it comes to innovation, Canon is quick to follow. Canon has continuously produced new camera and lenses with better specs and Canon has won a place in the hearts of today’s photographers. It is also worth noting that back in 1937 when Canon first started they had no means of making their own lenses. The company used to buy their camera lenses from Nikon, which says a great deal about Nikon lenses.

Today’s Lenses

Both Nikon and Canon have gone a long way since they started. Today they are still competing with each other trying to produce the best lenses to complement their SLRs and DSLRs. Here’s a quick comparison that highlights the type of lens and who wins the Nikon lenses vs. Canon lenses debate for each lens type.

Pro Full-Frame Lenses

When it comes to the quality and performance of Nikon and Canon’s range of pro full-frame lenses you can’t go wrong with either brand. Lenses like the 50mm, 24-70mm and others are excellent and perform in the same way. As for price, they are comparable too. When it comes to full-frame lenses you have the pick of the litter.

Telephoto Lenses

Again, for this type of lens both brands are on the same level. Their telephoto lenses are great, reliable and do an awesome job of taking clear and sharp photos.

Wide-Ration Zoom Lenses

For photographers who want a lens who can do a wide-to-long tele zoom, Nikon lenses are the way to go. The 18-300mm and the 18-200 mm are excellent choices because they are very lightweight and capture excellent photos for a wider perspective and from a distance. Canon’s answer to this lens type isn’t as good and is limited because it is heavy and bulky to carry, so it’s not something you want to take on an outdoor photography session.

Ultra Wide Lenses

Canon makes the widest ultra-ultra wide lenses in the market. If this is what you’re looking for, the brand’s 126-degree 11-24mm lens is the way to go. Anything that Nikon tries to create to compete with this type of lens just does not match up.

Range Of Lenses

Nikon and Canon offer a lot of lens types for consumers to choose from. What makes Nikon stand out is their variety of cameras and lenses for novices. The company offers lower priced starter cameras with a lens kit, perfect for budding photographers. Canon on the other hand is more expensive, seeing as they are more innovative and technologically advanced than Nikon.

The Verdict

In photography, choosing lenses is far more important than choosing the body because lenses last longer than the body. Lenses from Nikon and Canon are all worth considering, especially since both are well-made and reliable. The fact is, the choice between two brands is up to you and what you are comfortable with. If you prefer to stick to the pioneers and their products Nikon is the way to go. If you are more into the fast-changing technological side of photography Canon might be more your style.

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